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| 1 minute read

Genius toilet roll activity for maths or phonics

Since we have tried this activity my 5-year old daughter insists on doing it almost daily...! :-)

It's really easy. Save some toilet rolls. Get hold of some dot stickers you can write on. Write one set of answers on the dot stickers and then write the matching items on the toilet roll. 

You can now create various matching games:

  • matching colours (for very small children)
  • matching lower case and upper case letters of the alphabet (for 4-5 years old)
  • maths exercises such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division (complexity depending on the child's age) 
  • matching rhyming words (for 5 years up) 

The rhyming pairs game was my daughter's favourite. She matched all the rhyming words and then created little rhymes, and wrote them in her favourite fluffy notebook. If you need help with finding rhymes you can use one of the online rhyming tools such as RhymeZone or Rhymer.

Hope you have fun with this one! 

This is such a great activity because it uses so few materials and can really be adjusted to fit any age. It's a great Quiet Time activity or for those times when you need to keep them kids busy in the car or out running errands. My kids even enjoyed making these for their younger siblings!


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