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Fancy exploring Britain's top secret WW2 bunker?

For children who have been studying WW2 in history, or anyone who is interested in looking inside the top secret war bunker hidden under the streets of Liverpool - this is for you!

Western Approaches HQ (Liverpool War Museum) are releasing a series of video lessons exploring their labyrinth of rooms and offices which were once the Operations Room for the the Battle of the Atlantic. The actors bring alive what it might have been like to work underground in this massive bunker, where you were once required to sign the Official Secrets Act to enter. The parallels shown in the film between living in the Second World War and the current situation we find ourselves in are quite spooky.

We are offering a series of history lessons over the coming weeks aimed at primary school children, but suitable and interesting for all. We have created films with actors which animate the lessons and help to make history a little more real and interesting. Coming topics will include; What were rations, coding and morse code, evacuees and evacuation and WW2 history.


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