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Now is the time to learn a new language

You are most probably aware of Duolingo - the free app for learning how to speak a language, using gamification to keep learners motivated with rewards.

It is extremely engaging and my two kids love it. They have used it on and off over the last year or so, but being at home due to the coronavirus has given it a new lease of life - a BIG one. They now get to use it every day for 15 mins, and they are in competition with each other over who can earn the most coins, jewels and XPs, move up levels, and 'buy' the next gold suit for their avatar.

But most impressive, is just how much they are learning with the app. My daughter has chosen to learn Spanish (from scratch) and my son has decided to improve his Mandarin (he is learning it at primary school).

For those parents with young children, Duolingo have recently launched their new app early (to support parents homeschooling their children, but currently only available on iOS) - Duolingo ABC - lessons for kids learning to read English.

You can download the main Duolingo app from the App Store for iOS,  Google Play for Android and Microsoft for Windows.

Other language resources

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone has been providing interactive learning software since 1992. They are now offering three months' free access for children to 'enable them to use their time at home in a meaningful way'.

Sign up for free access for three months at

Muzzy BBC

Muzzy is learning program using cartoons, created by language experts at the BBC, using a natural immersion process. Whilst not free, Muzzy BBC are currently offering large discounts (up to 67% off) due to Coronavirus school closures. There is also a 30 day money back guarantee.

Sign up for discounted prices at

Duolingo is the free science-based language education platform that has organically become the most popular way to learn languages online.


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