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STEM Learning: Free resources and activities for families and learning at home

STEM Learning are providing free access to a range of resources and activities to support the teaching of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects at home.

> Primary resources for home learning

There is a whole range of activities given on this site collated by age range and STEM subject. For example: Do try this at home - hands on activities which link to the topics of electricity, sound, forces, and changes of state.

> Family activities to do at home

This section includes a range of fun, hands-on activities for families to use at home, suitable for all ages from 4 to 16, with resources including Mission to the Moon, Train like an Astronaut, Create your own Great Exhibitions at Home and Surviving on a Desert Island.

> Biology resources for secondary age

> Chemistry resources for secondary age

> Physics resources for secondary age

> Computing resources for secondary age

> Design and technology resources for secondary age

> Maths resources for secondary age

STEM Learning have also produced a collection of information, advice and links to help teachers and parents cope with young people's concerns over coronavirus.

Our Resource centre and website is home to thousands of free of charge resources. All the way from Early Years to Higher Education, our resources are packed full of ideas and inspiration to enhance teaching and learning. These resources have been created by a number of external organisations, consultants and by our very own subject-specialists.


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