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Make fun clay characters with Jim Parkyn

There is something very therapeutic about playing with clay even as an adult.  No matter the age, the tactile nature of clay lets kids develop their imagination and motor skills while having fun.

Why not learn from the best? 

Jim Parking is a character designer, model maker, sculptor, stop motion animator. He created a Community Claytime Instagram page where he posts daily video tutorials how to make various fun characters, from unicorns to woodlice. He encourages you to post your projects to instagram tagged with #communityclaytime. All you need is plasticine or quick drying clay. 

We love a bit of clay action at my home. Here are some of our creations...

Get creating! :-)

Get making and share your creations on social media. Tag me (@jimparkyn) with the hashtags #communityclaytime #iplaywithclay and #isolationanimation


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