Big Up! use the power of music, the power of play and the power of your imagination to create their shows. They were due to present their live hip hop and puppetry theatre show (normally for 3-6 year olds) as part of the the Easter season at the Southbank Centre, but it has been cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak.

However, Big Up! are making some great videos for you to learn some amazing skills during the lock-down called Big Up at Home! 

Their first mini-series is on how to beatbox, with Grace Savage (four times UK Champion Beatboxer) - for all ages:

How to BeatBox Part 1: Warming Up

How to BeatBox Part 2: Basic Sounds

How to BeatBox Part 3: BeatBoxing Pattern

Creating Foley Sounds -  Hobbit, International Beatbox Champion, is here to teach you 'How to Create Foley at Home' through vocal sounds. Foley is where an object or person is brought to life through sound effects.

They'll be adding new content weekly so check back for more beatboxing, puppetry and music that you can create at home.

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