When going on a nature walk with my daughter I find it's good to have a little project in hand. Having done a treasure hunt on numerous occasions, I started to look for more ideas to make the walk a bit more exciting and purposeful.

Hence I decided to start a nature walk series, where I will post various ideas on how to make a daily walk more fun for your kids - and yourself.

Inspired by Playful Learning's The Colors Of Naturewe went on our nature walk with a printout of a colour wheel in hand (you can use a basic or full wheel, depending on your child's age). The idea is to get your kids to hunt for and collect plants that will match colours on the wheel. (You can use your garden plants too, of course.) 

When you come home, get your child to match the plants to the closest colour on the wheel. Use sticky tape to attached them to the printout to create a lovely artwork exploding with colour. 

Due to the creative nature of my job I particularly enjoyed this activity... When finished, our wheel looked like a work of art! I hope my daughter enjoyed it as much as me!... ;-)