Another brilliant mini-project for kids who like getting their hands dirty in the gooey, squishy mess! Also, let is be said, this is quite on-the-money for the Corona-virus times, when we all wash our hands obsessively and teach our kids to do the same... :-)

This is an activity inspired by my friend Mim, as well as Russell Brand (out of all people!) and his lovely wife Laura. Watch the attached video, follow the instructions, make squishy soap and and have a giggle at Russel's inappropriate commentary. 

How to make it

  1. Put half a cup of cornflour into a bowl and stir in 4 tablespoons of liquid soap (you can use washing-up liquid too). 
  2. Mix in 4 teaspoons of cooking oil (sunflower, olive oil, coconut oil).
  3. Add 3-5 drops of food colouring of your choice.
  4. If you'd like your soap to smell nice too, add a few drops of a scented oil, e.g. lavender oil. We have added some dried lavender flowers as we had some at home.(

5. Knead until combined and squishy! 

6. Roll into a ball - and voila. Now wash your hands! :-)