We've put together an overview of some of the resources out there to help you celebrate this special 75th anniversary of VE Day at home this year.

VE Day: understanding the history

BBC Teach have provided a short film to explain what VE Day and VJ Day were, and the events that led to the end of the war. (Ages 7-11)

The Historical Association are also providing downloadable resources to support the celebration of the 75th VE Day. 

English Heritage have put together a downloadable VE Day pack including a selection of recipes, tips for dancing Lindy Hop style, and popular 1940s songs to sing with your family. Their site also gives access to some of the key historical facts, and VE Day in pictures.

How to celebrate VE Day in lockdown

Good to Know website provide a whole heap of ideas for this week's VE Day, including a timetable of what's on on BBC1 to help celebrate the day. 

Sky News give an overview  of how the UK will mark the 75th anniversary on Friday.

VE Day Resource Pack 

Twinkl, the educational resources website has produced a set of free materials to help children understand and celebrate VE Day. The pack includes a wartime recipe booklet, 'Code cracking for beginners' using Morse code, WW2 Spitfire glider template and other colouring pages and information. (Ages 7-11)

VE Day great British bunting & flags

Primary Treasure Chest are offering free downloadable colouring sheets for bunting and flags. BBC Radio are also providing a bunting template to help with festivities.