For those of you who are not familiar with Nick Cope and his fabulous songs for young children, you are missing a treat!

Our two grew up with his songs - and even enjoyed his tunes at a 'Nick Cope' Birthday Party one year ... Originally the lead singer in The Candyskins, Nick Cope turned his songwriting skills to tunes and lyrics aimed at a younger audience. Sometimes too catchy, his songs and guitar are great for children (and adults) to sing along to. 

He has become so popular, he now has his own show on Cbeebies (Children's BBC Channel for the younger audience) called Nick Cope's Popcast. All episodes are available on BBC iPlayer and are being aired on the CBeebies channel every Saturday morning at 9:20am (BST).

If you aren't able to tune into Cbeebies on the BBC, you can always watch his tunes and fantastic animated videos on his YouTube channel.

You can view Nick Cope's Popcast on BBC iPlayer and view his other songs on his YouTube Channel.

Our favourites include Why is the sky blue?, Grow grow grow and of course (a big favourite with all children) The baby's done a poo.