Sadly, like many other sporting events this summer, the 2020 Olympics in Japan have been cancelled. But British Olympic and Paralympic Associations have brought us a set of activities themed 'Travel to Tokyo' to help keep everyone active either indoors or in your garden or open space.

Travel to Tokyo is aimed at helping children aged 5โ€“11 develop healthy, active habits by encouraging them to try new things, get active and have fun.

There will be prizes awarded to active schools and their families - see if your school is registered yet. See also the FAQs page for more information.

Tokyo Ten Activities

Tokyo Ten Activities provide lots of simple ways to get active with your family. All you need is ten minutes and simple household equipment eg: balls, music, dusters.

Watch the animations to see the Tokyo Tens 'Duster Dodge' and 'Random Routines' in action!

Active Challenges

The Active Challenges include a set of slightly longer challenges (30-60 minutes), including how to get active in different situations, find out about Japanese culture, and practice being kind to others.

Holiday activities

To support the Travel to Tokyo challenge, there is also a downloadable PDF Holiday Activity Pack and downloadable PDF on Learning more about Japan.