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How to make a T. rex origami dinosaur and other brilliant dino things to do - from the Natural History Museum

London's Natural History Museum have a great selection of things to try at home, including step-by-step instructions to make a fab T rex origami dinosaur.

The museum also has a number of other activities for dino fans, including how to draw a dinosaur, how to make a hatching dinosaur egg, a dinosaur footprint cookies recipe  and a dino quiz to find out 'what dinosaur are you?'

If you are not a dino fan, there are other creative activities to help you explore the garden and other areas of nature including how to make beeswax wraps, how to press flowers, how to make a nature journal, and how to make a hedgehog house.

Can't get out far to explore nature? On this page you'll find activities and ideas to occupy yourself and family at home, in your garden or local outdoor space.


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