At The Bus would normally offer a school-based programme of art to support the education, health and wellbeing of children and young people aged 7-18 in Oxfordshire, England. However, they are continuing to inspire children and young people to keep making art during lockdown, and posting wonderful worksheets and art projects for everyone...

One of their patrons Grayson Perry RA CBE, said this:

"Making art takes us to an absorbing and meaningful place inside ourselves which is a useful escape if you are in lockdown."

Their latest art project - #9 Make a Self-Portrait or Make Hair Doodles - supports Mental Health Awareness Week, with worksheets using doodling, to help with stress and anxiety and to help children to achieve a creative mindset.

Other projects so far include:

#1: Vincent Van Gogh - with a virtual visit to the Vincent Van Gogh museum

#2: Make Floating Fish - making a mobile with floating fish and other sea creatures

#3: Make a Draughts Board - create your own artistic draughts board

#4: Make Portrait Models of Friends and Family ... or even model portraits of your dog or cat

#5: Make Paper Wish Birds - designed by illustrator Jane Ray you cab make and decorate a Paper Wish Bird (writing your wish under its wings)

#6: Be inspired by Frida Kahlo - recreate a Kahlo inspired headband or picture frame

#7: Make Balloon Bunting! Make bunting to decorate your bedroom, a bathroom, or any other B-room

#8: Make a Face! Create a face out of anything - with your canvas from a plate, a table, the floor, a chair ... anything!

Have fun creating and enjoying these great art projects!