Seneca Learning is a personalised learning tool that is being used by a students to continue with learning during the coronavirus pandemic - in fact over a million UK schoolchildren have signed up to since lockdown. And the good news is that a large amount of the material is free to access.

The learning materials are written as revision or study aids in bite-sized chunks, followed by a recapping of material and mini-tests. It adapts the teaching in response to the learner's progress.

It has materials covering subjects in KS2 in Primary years - through to KS3, GCSE and A Levels in secondary.

We have started using it at home to supplement our children's work that is being sent home from their primary school - as a parent or teacher you can set up your own dashboard and set different topics/ sub-sections of topics for each of your children. Our two (aged 9 and 11) are really enjoying it so far, and find it more much engaging that the elements we have used from BBC Bitesize.

The great news is that the key ambition of the two founders of Seneca Learning is to make sure that the site is always free and therefore available to every pupil, no matter which type of school they go to. (This is supported by a 'premium service' for more extensive exam study.)