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Table tennis fun at home anyone? No need for a proper table ...

Do you have a table tennis bat and ball(s) at home? Then you can have a go at these activities from Table Tennis England: there are lots of ways you can use a table tennis bat and ball to create some fun at home, even if you don't have a table!

All you need is some outdoor (or indoor space), bats and balls, and a few accessories to support you with these fun games.

Each game/activity has its own accompanying video and set of instructions:

  • Table Tennis Boules 
  • Reaction Catch
  • Keepy-uppies
  • Ping Pong Darts
  • Distance Hitting
  • Ping Pong Net D.I.Y. (using any table at home - we used an opened-up cardboard box to make our 'net')

If you are looking for some more challenges - check out the TTKidz site: they have launched nine videos so you can get still get involved with table tennis while at home.

We can’t play table tennis inside a public building at the moment but this doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun activity with table tennis at home! We’ve made a series of films to give you some inspiration.


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