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Join 'Camp KiwiCo' for the holidays! Hands-on sessions for different ages to keep children busy...

The company KiwiCo (science and art projects for kids, based in USA) have created an online 'summer camp' idea where you can dip in and out of the different (pre-recorded) sessions whenever you want over the summer, with access to the sessions starting on 22nd June.

There are four different five-day sessions of hands-on DIY activities, video content, downloadable printables & projects you can enjoy with your 'camper' - each of the five-day session is aimed at a different age group.

Koala Camp (Ages 3-4)

These sessions include Creating Colours, Making Music, Discovering Birds & Nature, Exploring Experiments and Going Camping.

Kiwi Camp (Ages 5-8)

These sessions include Awesome Arcades, Fun with Flight, Deep-Sea Discoveries, Lift Off with Launchers and Science in Sports.

Atlas Camp (Ages 6-11)

These sessions include World Expedition, Experience India, Voyage to Brazil, Adventures in Australia and Travel to Thailand.

Tinker Camp (Ages 9+)

These sessions include Radical Robotics, Hands-on Hydraulics, Movie Magic, Tinkering with Toys and Seeing Stars.

All the camp content is free, but you can supplement the sessions with additional 'KiwiCo Crate' which you can purchase from them online.

Check out the Camp KiwiCo details on their website. And if you are looking for more DIY activities to keep your children engaged over the holidays, visit their DIY Ideas page for loads of additional arts & craft, science projects and fun ideas for children.

We know that this summer is shaping up to be quite a bit different than we all imagined. For many of us, all the plans we had made to fill our kids’ days and weeks for the next few months have been cancelled... And while we are fans of good, old-fashioned unstructured fun in the summer, many of the options for our kids — pools, playgrounds, beaches, even playdates — may be off-limits. We know that many parents will be desperate for some structured activities to bridge the gap between the inevitable moans of “I’m bored!” and to provide something fun (and maybe enriching!) for our kids to look forward to.


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