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The Lion King Experience: At Home!

Originally written to support teachers in a classroom environment, these resources give you everything you need to explore theatre with your family at home.

Kids Experience - Ages 8-11 

Eleven sessions designed for 8-11 year olds. Each session begins with an introductory video, and the sessions are organised by theme: Introduction, Pride, Plot, Character, Space, Language, Music, Movement, Vision, Spectacle, and Reflection.

Junior Experience - Ages 12-15

Eighteen sessions designed for 12-15 year olds, and is introduced with a video, including the theme and key concepts for the session. The sessions are organised by theme: Introduction, Pride, Rhythm, Ritual, Story, Foundations, Process, Objective, Character, Ensemble, Vision, Image, Transition, Space, Sound, Atmosphere, Cue, and Reflection. 

Links to the UK curriculum.

Links to the Eire curriculum.

The Lion King Experience is an immersive arts education program that introduces students to many aspects of theater-making through the lens of The Lion King. We’re thrilled to unlock all sessions of The Lion King Experience for you to explore at home! Although this program is traditionally facilitated in a classroom setting, these instructions give you everything you need to explore theater on your own at home. And teachers: feel free to facilitate these lessons remotely as well! Have fun!


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