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Wide Open School Summer Camp - weekly schedules of activities

Take you pick of free weekly activities from Wide Open School: brought together by the people behind Common Sense Media, it is an online resource aimed at Primary school and Secondary school aged children.

Visit the Wide Open School Summer Camp to find a different set of resources each week, tailored to three different age groups at primary level: EYFS (Preschool),  KS1/(K-2) and KS2/(3-5).

Each week has a different theme, for example 'Space, Exploring, & Experiments', 'Helpers, Heroes, & History', 'Media, Making, & Music' and 'Magic and Mysteries'.

Wide Open School also provides downloadable daily and weekly planners to help make the holiday planning a little bit easier.

For additional activities and online resources to investigate see their Family Page where you can choose from a range of different subjects including 'Life skills', 'Virtual field trips', 'Get moving', 'Reading and writing', 'Digital Citizenship' and more - filtered by age range.

Wide Open School is a free collection of the best online learning experiences for kids curated by the editors at Common Sense. There is so much good happening, and we are here to gather great stuff and organize it so teachers and families can easily find it and plan each day.


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