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Join 'Anna & Arji's Broom Cupboard' for art, poetry and games

Artist Anna and Poet Arji are behind the interactive theatre and art company called A Line Art.

During lockdown, they have been bringing their quirky form of theatre, poetry and art to families via their website.

Check our their 'Watch, Make & Do' series aimed at 3-7 year olds and families, and the episodes from Anna and Arji's Broom Cupboard - a five minute TV show sharing arts and craft activities, stories, poems and games, with topics ranging from 'How to make a monster poem', 'How to make a superhero mask', 'How to play two truths and a line' and 'How to create a world of food'.

Each show also comes with a downloadable activity template.

A new episode is shared every Monday via their website and YouTube Channel.

A Line Art resources are available free of charge, but if you have enjoyed them, please do make a donation to their tip jar.

Website | YouTube Channel | Facebook | Instagram

A 5 minute TV show where Anna Bruder and Arji Manuelpillai from A Line Art share interactive playful arts and craft activities, stories, poems and games for the whole family to make and play at home.


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