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Looking for holiday inspiration? Sign up for daily videos for kids from TedEd ...

Fancy dipping into a different TedEd video every morning with your children over the holidays?

TedEd@Home are providing a free email service giving four different age-related topics to kick-start discussions delivered to your inbox every day (and further explorations/lessons around the topic if you want more). The interactive videos have been created with expert educators and TED speakers throughout the world.

"We hope to feed your curiosity, provide daily inspiration and learning and perhaps add a little structure to your day."

The four age-ranges covered are:

  • Elementary/Primary
  • Middle School/Lower Secondary
  • High School/Upper Secondary
  • College/University

The topics include the arts, business & economics, design, engineering, health issues, literature & language, mathematics, philosophy & religion, psychology, science & technology, social studies, thinking and learning and more...

All you need to do is sign up with TedEd for your daily email.

Or you could sign up to TedEd's Earth School for a 30 day quest of nature-focused content and environmental adventures aimed at all ages.

To support the millions of students, parents and teachers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, TED-Ed is working with expert educators and TED speakers throughout the world to create and share high-quality, interactive, video-based lessons on a daily basis, for free.


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