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Mac users: Sign up to free online camps from Apple this holiday

Apple Camp normally takes place in Apple’s retail stores providing creative activities for kids. But like many other things, the experience is a bit different this year. Apple Camp at Home gives kids aged 8–12 free, fun digital programmes to experience from home.

Apple Camp at Home is now open to registrations - in the US and UK.

> Register in the America (Sessions start from 11th July)

> Register in the UK (Sessions start from 1st August)

Anyone interested in signing up can apply via the links above and download a free Activity Book - a 38-page guide including three fun creative projects for the whole family. Each project is designed to take about an hour to complete, but 'campers' can work at their own pace.

By signing up for a slot, children can learn about each project during a live Orientation session (via WebEx - 30 mins) and find creative guidance with Q&A sessions (via WebEx - 60 mins).

The three projects focus on the following:

Video Project: Spark Positive Change - Available 1–7 August (UK): Create a one-minute video to share a positive message for change in your neighbourhood.

Art & Design Project: Design a Space for Happiness - Available 8–14 August (UK): Brainstorm and draw a design for a dream space that brings happiness to you and your family.

Coding Project: Learn to Code a Helpful Robot - Available 15–21 August (UK): Code your own helpful robot using basic programming skills in Swift Playgrounds.

If you find that all sessions are full, Apple will be adding new sessions each week. In the meantime, Campers can download the Activity Book (Pages file) and work on their own.

Children can also enjoy Today at Apple at Home - online versions of Apple’s regular in-store sessions hosted by their Creative Pros, with projects suitable for all ages.

Happy Camping!

Kids have a unique opportunity this summer to experience Apple Camp from home. Each project takes about an hour, but Campers can create and work at their own pace. The Activity Book will be a project road map, guiding them from idea to finished masterpiece. They’ll learn what to expect from each project during a live Orientation session, and drop in to live Q&A sessions to get help.


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