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Online photography course for kids from Cultivating Wonder

As a keen photographer as well as a mum, this really caught my eye the other day. Typically, when you give a child a camera, they will snap away photos of without limit and putting much thought into what they photographing (unless it's themselves... ;-)). Yet, because of the instant gratification of being able to see and analyse the photo on your camera or smart phone nowadays, with a few a quick few rules applied, their snaps can be elevated to another level.

Cultivating Wonder, Oxford-based company has devised an online course combining photography and mindfulness for children aged 5-9 and 10-16. The creators claim the course is designed to get children out of the post-lockdown summer holiday lethargy, get them outside, noticing the world's tiny wonders and exploring their creativity through photography. What a fabulous idea. 

Here are the basics:

  • Beginning on Monday, 3 August and costs £35
  • Four 30-minute films over four weeks for 5-9 year olds and four 50-minute films over four weeks for 10-16 year olds. The films will be fun and engaging and hosted on Teachable with a secure password. For the younger age group, we strongly encourage you to sit with your child during these sessions so that you can share in a sense of wonder and learn together.
  • A weekly interactive group webinar (in a private Facebook group for parents and children) where children can interact with the teaching.
  • Beautiful, full colour downloadable PDF worksheets with fun tasks sent to your inbox every week, which will inspire your child.
  • Part of a learning community on Facebook with weekly tips on how to improve photography, and encouragement and advice offered on all aspects of creativity.
  • Photos shown in a private gallery.
  • Option of personal feedback on photos and 1-1 mentoring available if required (*for a small extra fee).
“I got to spend time with my son in a different way to usual, where I saw the world through an eight-year old’s eyes. Fun, fun, fun.” — Claire, a parent living in London


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