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Join Polka Theatre on a trip round the world this holiday!

The fabulous children's Polka Theatre, based in Wimbledon, London is providing a collection of live online workshops for children of differing ages (29 July - 26 August) - taking children on a trip around the world.

The 30-45 minute workshops include Storytelling & Drama, Movement & Dance, Music and Singing, and Puppetry - aimed at 3-5 yrs, 5-7 yrs, 3-7 yrs or 7-11 yrs. 

Workshops can be booked online via their website.

If you cannot join in with one of the workshops, check out the free Polka Online  - stories, workshops and downloadable activities, which include The Paper Dolls, Gorilla, The Everywhere Bear, How to Hide a Lion and In the Winter Wood.

Pack your imaginary bags as we’re off on an adventure around the world! Join Polka this Summer as we swing through the jungle canopy, float over fjords, and wind our way along the sacred Ganges in search of stories that have shaped our wonderful world. In Russia we find out why you shouldn’t drink from muddy puddles, we’ll be moving like ninjas in Japan and in Indonesia we meet a grumpy Gecko!


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