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A week of 'Playday' activities from the National Trust

Join the National Trust this week to celebrate National Playday 2020 on 5th August.

If you can't yet visit a National Trust property or gardens with your children, you can participate in a series of play activities.

The National Trust have collaborated with Play England, Play Scotland, PlayBoard Northern Ireland, Play Wales, Lego, Frugi, The Den Kit Company, Peter Rabbit™ and  Sudbury Hall and the Museum of Childhood – to create a series of play packs from 3-7 August for a summer of adventures with your family. Each pack can be downloaded to use offline or printed out:

Monday: Get creative

Tuesday: Get imaginative

Wednesday: It's playtime

Thursday: Get exploring

Friday: Get active

We've got lots of fun things for you to do to get the most out of National Playday on 5 August 2020. To celebrate everyone's love of play, we've gathered some activities to spark your imagination in a play week of daily activity packs filled with play ideas, how-tos and adventures with your favourite characters.


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