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Six Legs of Summer: Learn about insects with Oxford University Museum of Natural History's virtual summer school

HOPE for the Future is a three-year project at Oxford University Museum of Natural History funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund. One of the aims of the project is to create enthusiasm amongst children around natural sciences – and in particular, insects!

Explore British insects through Six Legs of Summer – the museum has six challenges to try out – each one being revealed daily throughout this week:

  • 1st Leg – Finding and Identifying Insects
  • 2nd Leg – Fabulous Insect Photos!
  • 3rd Leg – Design an Insect
  • 4th Leg – Pestie or Bestie
  • 5th Leg – A Game of Life Cycles
  • 6th Leg – Beyond Six Legs of Summer

If you are looking for more for children to explore, check out The Learning Zone - an interactive online space full of activities, games and facts for kids to explore from Oxford University Museum of Natural History.

Find out more about British insects as part of the HOPE for the Future project with our virtual summer school, Six Legs of Summer!  Each of the six legs challenges you to try out an exciting insect-based activity and have fun along the way! Have a go at designing your own insect, learn how to take fabulous photographs of our six-legged friends and create a game of lifecycles.


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