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Visit the 'Kid's Hub' at The Royal Mint for fun online games and downloadable activities!

The Royal Mint have put together a 'Kids Hub' on their website, collating various free online and downloadable coin-related activities, games and resources around some of the 'child-friendly' characters associated with their coinage, including the following:


Count with Minty - Learn about coin denominations and adding skills with Minty

Dinosaur Dig - Uncover the Secrets Beneath your feet

Peter Rabbit™ - Catch the radishes

The Snowman™ - Drag and drop build your own snowman

Downloadable activities

Create your Grand Day Out with Wallace and Gromit™ - Downloadable 'Make your own rocket' pack and colouring sheets

Paddington™ - Colouring Sheets

Coins in the Classroom 

We’ve pulled together a host of quizzes, games and educational tools – brought to life through iconic coins, and popular children’s characters such as The Gruffalo and Wallace and Gromit.  Ideal for families and children staying home and looking to fill their time with fun, factual and coin-related activities.


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