You may have read my earlier post about the Royal Albert Hall @ home series. This is one of their later events bringing exclusive sessions from artists’ homes to yours whilst the Hall is shut. You can listen to David Walliams read an extract from his children’s stories as part of this series on Saturday 22 August 2020, starting at 2:00pm (BST).

Watch the broadcast for free from the Royal Albert Hall website:

  • Saturday 22 August 2020
  • Start time: 2:00pm (BST)
  • It will also be available on demand after the initial broadcast.

See the full Royal Albert Home series on the Royal Albert Hall website.

These shows are all available for free but, if you can, please donate to the Royal Albert Hall. The RAH relies on the income from their shows and on charitable donations to keep them going and they currently have no regular funding from government.

If you are a David Walliams fan, you can also listen to him via his website, as he is still providing free 'Elevenses' sessions and catch-up sessions. (Listen to his latest 'Elevenses' and catch-up sessions.)