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Can I catch it from my friend's pencil? and other questions: Talking to kids about COVID-19

As children are going back to school across the globe - or have been back, but are now sadly in lockdown again - questions are still arising about the coronavirus pandemic, and how the world is dealing with it. 

Dr Dickinson is better known in New Zealand as her superhero alter ego, Nanogirl, explaining to children via her YouTube videos how the virus takes hold in our bodies.

However, it was science educator Dr Michelle Dickinson  who persuaded New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to hold a special press conference just for children at the start of the coronavirus. This article and her YouTube videos are worth reading/viewing if your children have questions about Covid-19 on returning to school.

Kids ask the darndest things in the middle of a pandemic. Such as: can they catch COVID-19 from their friend’s pencil and who ate the bat and why do grown-ups have to wear masks but they don’t? But science educator Michelle Dickinson, one of New Zealand’s most recognised scientists, says many parents are nervous about talking to their children about the coronavirus. “There’s lots of children who talked to us through our online platforms ... they are learning about the virus from the playground conversation, which as you know, is full of boogeymen and monsters and is actually much worse.”


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