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Spooky Halloween @ home: science projects, DIY decorations, creepy crafts & snacks

If you're looking for something a little bit different to try with your kids this around the Autumn (Fall) holidays, check out the STEM/science themed activities from KiwiCo - or try their decorations, craft ideas or spooky snacks.

Spooky Science Projects

Make a frothing pumpkin or spooky pipe cleaner crystals, or blow up Dracula's head to look at chemical reactions. Create a spider's web from rubber bands to investigate the difference between potential and kinetic energy or craft a bendable wire mummy to look at the science behind mummification.

DIY Decorations & Creepy Crafts

If you fancy craft ideas instead how about having a go at creating some ghost tealights, 'soap bar mummies' or a 3-D spider's web and a pipe cleaner spider to go with it? Decorate your pumpkins with fabric pins and thread instead of carving them, make creepy witch fingers out of pretzels or create caramel apple monsters!

If you'd like some additional activities, check out more Autumn/Fall experiments from KiwiCo and celebrate the season with science.

Like many events in 2020, Halloween is shaping up to look different than years past. But no matter the fate of trick-or-treating in your neighborhood, you can make for a very happy Halloween at home! We collected some awesome activities to get your kids into the spooky spirit.


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