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Make your house spooky with these DYO Halloween decorations

Let us face it, Halloween will not be the same this year. Trick-or-treating might not be allowed or, even if it is, it's not the best idea in these crazy pandemic times. For us parents, there is more pressure to make Halloween fun -  regardless of the circumstances. 

We can do that by engaging the kids in some of these cool craft ideas using recycle materials. For instance, use a leftover egg cartons to create a spooky 3d bats, create spiders out of pinecones, spooky Frankenstein out of an empty tin, and more.  

Follow the link below and get spooky-crafting! :-)

DIY fancy dress is a Halloween staple, so why not apply the same creativity to your spooky decorations? It’s the one time of year when having a few creepy-crawlies and ghostly spectres around the house is actually a good thing. Getting the house into haunting shape is even more important this year, as many children may be missing out on their classic trick or treating fun. By getting them involved in these cool craft ideas, you can still have a Monster Mash at home.


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