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| 1 minute read

Scrummy Halloween party food ideas

If you decide to throw a small party at home this Halloween, these easy recipes might come in handy! Some of them help you use the piles of pumpkin flesh you will have left over after your carving session...  ;-)

Snacks / starters

Halloween snack platter - by Foxes Love Lemons

Pumpkin houmous - by BBC goodfood 

Main course 

Healthy pumpkin pancakes - by BBC goodfood

Monster burgers - by Lakeland 

Spooky eyeball tacos - by Food.

Sweet treats

Halloween Meringue Ghosts - by Lakeland

Scary-Simple Meringue Bones - by Good Housekeeping

Cobweb traybake - by Lakeland

Eerie eyeball pops - by BBC goodfood

Cookie Bat Cupcakes - by Good Housekeeping

Caramel Apple Monsters - by KiwiCo

Need more ideas? Here are another 100 Halloween recipes for you... :-)


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