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Words, words and more words: challenge yourself and your children to learn some new words this year

If you had fun reading Susie Dent's alternative Christmas dictionary article over Christmas with your family, you might want to take some time to investigate some other slightly more unusual words in the English language by looking at the following:

7 weird words in the English language (for kids)

There are lots of words in the English language — you can find over 171,000 in the Oxford English Dictionary!  They’re wonderful and sometimes a little wacky, and this page has just a few of them.

50 Shakespeare words and their meanings 

Are you a candle-waster? Do you find joy in gallimaufry? Have you ever found yourself feeling a bit frampold?

This page includes 50 words that appear in Shakespeare’s texts - chosen for no particular reason at all. Enjoy slotting some kicky-wickys, noddles, welkins and buzzers into your every day conversations (go on, we know you can do it).

Colins Dictionary: Word of the Day 

Colins Dictionary is running a 'Word of the Day' series during lockdown, including, for example, the words wuxia and cli-fi.

Expand your vocabulary by learning a new word every day with their carefully curated - and often unusual - word choices. 

14 Expressions that have vanished

A few of the expressions from the BBC Radio 4 Word of Mouth team unearthed during their investigation into lost and banished words.

How many new words can you discover whilst we are all in lockdown?

What did you do over the festive period? Us… we got our reading heads on, lit the fire, poured a glass of malmsy and worked our way through our most-favourite plays and sonnets by William Shakespeare, pulling out some of our most-favourite words along the way. To share with you all, of course. Just because.


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