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Travel the World - Window by Window

This is the internet at its best! People have just uploaded 10 mins of video of what they see out of their windows - all over the world. Check out

I love this and have wasted far too much time looking out of other people's windows imagining what it would be like to live somewhere I have never considered living before.

Might be a fun way to talk about different counties. Look up cities and see what the locals see out of their windows!

Each window tells you where the video was uploaded:

From Dorset, UK

From Flensburg, Germany (I had to look up where this was :)

Let's face it. We are all stuck indoors. And it's going to be a while till we travel again. Window Swap is here to fill that deep void in our wanderlust hearts by allowing us to look through someone else's window, somewhere in the world, for a while. A place on the internet where all we travel hungry fools share our 'window views' to help each other feel a little bit better till we can (responsibly) explore our beautiful planet again.


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