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Lego building projects: from big to small - join the Japanese Lego Master

If your children (or other members of your family) have a box of Lego hiding in their cupboard, its definitely time to re-ignite that Lego-building passion...

Joint Lego craftsman Jumpei Mitsui from Japan,  (the youngest LEGO Certified Professional) on his YouTube Channel to learn how to build a new project - from big to small, complex to simple, there will be a project to get big and small kids started again.

His simple 'How to build' instructional videos include how to build a cactus (his most popular one with more than 37,000 views), a snowman, a penguin, to name a few and his most recent 'How to build a dump truck'.

He also has a set of slightly more complex videos in his Pokeman Series.

If you are looking for the more advanced projects, check out his Architecture projects (eg: Building a Ninja Castle) and his most recent one, the awesome Great Wave off Kanagawa.

For his latest videos, you can follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

Happy building!


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