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Family workouts for all ages to cope with cabin fever!

Fitting in exercise around the school remote timetable can be challenging, especially if the designated lunchtime slot for one child does not correlate with the others, as is the case in our family...

Today, my son is going for a run with my better half at lunchtime, and my daughter is going for a cycle ride with me after her school timetable has finished.

This article from The Times suggests that the best time to fit in exercise is 'probably after school has finished and before the evening meal. It’s a good break from screen time, their stomachs won’t be too full and they’re not too tired.' It includes family-friendly workouts aimed at different age ranges from toddlers and pre-school children, to primary school children and also teenagers.

With schools, gyms and studios closed, activity levels are plummeting. Reports by Sport England show that 43 per cent of children under 16 are managing less than half an hour of physical activity daily during lockdown. It’s not just for our physical fitness but for our mental health that we need to keep moving. According to government guidelines, toddlers and pre-school children should be active for three hours a day — including standing, rolling and moving around as well as playing, with some jumping and running. For children aged from 5 to 18 the advice is to aim for at least an hour of moderate-intensity exercise a day — walking, cycling, skateboarding — but also to include activities that will strengthen muscles and bones, such as running, skipping, climbing, dance and bodyweight exercises, such as sit-ups and press-ups.


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