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Stargazing @ Home with your family: Fri 22 Jan & Thurs 28 Jan - all the best bits from from the comfort of your sofa!

There are two Stargazing Events coming from Oxford, UK in the next few weeks - both online, both free, and both child-friendly!

Rutherford Appleton Laboratory's Annual Stargazing Event
Friday 22nd Jan - 5.30pm-8.30pm (GMT)

This year's  virtual stargazing event includes  hands-on activities, talks and virtual tours of the stars.

There will be four different strands of activities running during the event:

  • Family make-along activities (age 5+)
  • Virtual planetarium shows and ask-an-astronomer (age 7+)
  • Introductions to our space research (age 9+)
  • Space talks (age 10+)

Talks, tours and activities will run in half-hour sessions in each strand, and you can choose to join live or watch the recording.

Visit the RAL website for full details of the event.

The online event is free, but you need to register to gain access to the live event or recording.

Oxford University's Annual Stargazing Event
Thursday 28th Jan - 3pm-9pm (GMT)

Join Oxford University Physics Department's annual Stargazing event on Thursday 28th January 2021 from 3pm-9pm (GMT). The annual event is online this year, and will be live streamed on their YouTube Channel.

The event will include kid-friendly activities and talks from 3pm-6pm (GMT), in case you’re looking for something the whole family can do together during lockdown.

Join us on Thursday 28th January 2021 from 3pm-9pm for an evening of all things space, live streamed on our YouTube channel. We’ll have talks from scientists, tips for stargazing, Q&A panels and more! Everyone is welcome!


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