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Lunch date with Dame Kelly: 20 mins workout for those parents working at home

Along with Lockdown#3 in England came the return of Joe Wicks to support children at home with their PE again. But what about us parents working from home, and home-schooling our children - we need to try and squeeze in our daily exercise too!

Fear not, if you haven't found anything that works for you in terms of a morning run, lunchtime walk, afternoon cycle or other online exercise routine maybe Dame Kelly Holmes' new YouTube session Lunch date with Dame Kelly will work for you?

Kelly Holmes, GB's 2004 double Olympic champion, following her live workouts on Instagram during the first lockdown, has now launched her own 20-minute live workouts at 12.30pm (GMT) on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday each week on her YouTube Channel

Give it a go - it might just be what you are looking for to get energised in the middle of your day ...

The biggest thing is I just want to energise people in the middle of their day. Lift their spirits: get them moving and feeling good about themselves. And I want people to feel that there are people there for them. There’s a lot of people struggling mentally, because of the environment they’re stuck in, the risk to a job or financial worries or home schooling. There’s so much going on that people can feel bad about. So for me this 20 minutes is: “OK, for just 20 minutes in a day, out of 24 hours, feel good for yourself.”


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