Paignton Zoo's mission is to conserve species and habitats, and to inspire and empower people to help in the fight to protect wildlife. Like everywhere at the moment, the zoo is closed, but their Education team are broadcasting lessons from the zoo every fortnight via Teams (with a live Q&A in the comments section). The lesson is then available on their YouTube or Facebook page shortly after.

The 15 minute lessons are primarily aimed at KS2 students, but anyone can join in.

Lesson one: Habitats

The first 'School from the Zoo' lesson was on Habitats, aimed at KS2 pupils.
This lesson was around 15 minutes long with additional short tasks for children to complete.

Lesson two: Adaptations

The second 'School from the Zoo' lesson - this Friday 29th January at 11am (GMT) - is a short 15 minute lesson which will explore Adaptations, using examples from some of the amazing animals and plants that they have at the zoo, and is aimed at KS2 pupils.

Schools from the Zoo: The video lesson will be shared via Teams at 11am on the day (anyone with or without Teams will be able to watch) and then posted to their YouTube Channel and Facebook page shortly after.

Schools from the Zoo website page | YouTube Channel | Facebook

If you have enjoyed your lesson with Paignton Zoo - please  support them by donating to their fundraising campaign.