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Neverending Stories: a free downloadable pack to support storytelling at home with young children

The free downloadable storytelling pack, from the National Centre for Creative Writing, is crammed with tips and activities for engaging storytelling at home.

It is designed for young children and their families - to encourage storytelling, imagination and creativity - and showing how you can make it fun.

You will find loads of ideas in the pack, including:

  • How parents can tell great stories to children.
  • How to find inspiration for stories.
  • How to find time to tell stories together.
  • How to create physical spaces for stories.
  • What to do when you’re running out of ideas.

If you aren't able to spend regular time with your child (or children) reading or telling stories, this pack might give you the confidence and encouragement to do so. 

Download the Neverending Stories Pack from the National Centre for Creative Writing.

Stories can be fact or imaginary or both. They can begin with a real story and become imaginary. Stories are yours to shape and change. You can find them everywhere.


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