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Stellar activities for young space enthusiasts

Here is something rather fun for those interested in the space exploration, who might already be waiting impatiently the forthcoming NASA mission to Mars. 

Indeed, NASA’s newest Mars rover, Perseverance, is scheduled to touch down on the Red Planet on the 18th February 2021. NASA is inviting everyone to participate in making history by holding live streams leading up to the landing and on the big day. Check out the live stream schedule here

This is also a great opportunity to inspire your kids to learn more about space! KiwiCo, who makes brilliant STEM, STEAM & science kits for children, collected some of out-of-this-world activities to help you transport your kids to the cosmos. Your kids can learn about many machines used by NASA: the physics of rockets and helicopters, how rovers work and how to make a simple model, and how to make a DIY parachute.

To study Mars up close, scientists have to send robots called rovers. How do they get them there, you ask? Rockets, of course! Check out the projects below to learn more about the physics of rockets.


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