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Art challenge @ home for World Book Day!

If you have not come across Elizabeth Sagan and her truly amazing book art, then you are in for a treat.

Elizabeth Sagan is a reader first, a writer second, and a photographer third. Her artwork is born from her love for books – may we read them, may we write them, may we share them – and it showcases the power of imagination while being an homage to the texts that spark it. Her aim is to install the love for stories in others, as she relies on the need for storytelling that exists in everyone.

She now has over 185,000 followers on Instagram.

You can use Elizabeth Sagan's 'bookstagram gallery' as inspiration for your own book art creations for World Book Day. Check out the examples shown in the article below, or view any of her social media platforms.

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Some people like to read art books, others enjoy making art from books. 'Bookstagrammer' Elizabeth Sagan has been sharing her love for books with her 90k followers for several years, and never ceases to amaze everyone with her creative scenarios. It all began with sharing her favorite reads, then interactive shots with a bookcase. As she became more and more involved with the idea, photos got steadily more complex and creative. Today she creates intricate and inspiring artwork from her massive collection of books.


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