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World Book Day: Free readings live on Instagram for children

Here are some free live book readings for World Book Day courtesy of Whistles. 

Tomorrow (Thursday March 4th) at 4pm on Instagram you can hear a reading from Not That Pet, read by author Smriti Halls. It's suitable for ages 3+ and is a laugh-out-loud rhyming story about finding the perfect pet. 

On Friday March 5th at 4pm on Instagram, children's author Jess Kidd reads from Everyday Magic. It is an enchanting story reminiscent of The Witches, Lemony Snicker and Nevermoor all mixed together. Suitable for ages 9+.

In celebration of World Book Day, we’re offering a selection of live readings for both parents and children to enjoy from a range of bestselling books – all tailored to different age groups. Tune into Instagram each day at 4pm for enchanting titles to escape with and modern illustration stories.


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