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Explore the NHM Wildlife Photographer of the Year gallery: follow the trail and win prizes!

Here is a family online activity for the Easter holidays: explore the truly amazing photographs in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition at London's Natural History Museum.

This year you can do this by finding ten clues hidden across the Wildlife Photographer of the Year gallery. Follow the trail and find all of the clues to have the chance to win some Natural History Museum prizes.

> Visit the Natural History Museum website to start the trail.

If you don't fancy following the trail, you can just browse the Wildlife Photographer of the Year images from the current and previous years' competitions, which can be found on the Natural History Museum website.

The Wildlife Photographer of the Year online gallery is a photographic archive of the natural world. Search for clues across oceans, cities and forests and be in with the chance of winning some amazing prizes.


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