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Game, set and match! It's time to join 'Wimbledon at Home'

Monday 28th June, the 2021 Wimbledon Tennis Championships began - more than 700 days after the last ball was struck!

With it, AELTC has dedicated this year’s Wimbledon Fortnight to saying ‘thank you to all those who have gone above and beyond throughout this unprecedented period'.

The Championships have also launched a Wimbledon at Home section on their website to enable families and children to join in with various online and downloadble activities.

Wimbledon Kids - YouTube Channel

Currently includes 6 short videos aimed at Primary school children, including Blade & Bounce Do Wimbledon History, Wimbledon Traditions and Wimbledon Bloopers, plus Roger Federer's 'Backwards Trousers', Venus & Serena Williams's story and Novak Djokovic's story.

Family Activities Hub 

Downloadable family packs and activity sheets for Primary school aged children.

Join in on the Virtual Hill (Aged 13+)  

The Wimbledon Virtual Hill, allows fans all around the globe to grab a seat on the Hill, create and dress their avatar, and engage in a variety of activities - to earn points and win prizes throughout the Fortnight.

Champion's Rally with Andy Murray (Aged 18+) 

Join Andy Murray in a new augmented reality game - played on your mobile phone.

This year, as part of our campaign ‘It’s a Wimbledon Thing’, we are pleased to launch Wimbledon at Home, a suite of activities and experiences that everyone can enjoy regardless of whether they are attending The Championships in person, have already attended, are yet to attend, or watching from afar.


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