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Wordle for number fans ...

Are you a glory hunter, a plodder, a master strategist, an addict or even a cheat? According to the article WORDLE: What the way you play says about you, my son and I are team players and creatures of habit.

If you have caught the Wordle bug, like our family and you are looking for a daily maths challenge to complement your Wordle time - take a look at Nerdle.

Nerdle follows a similar format to Wordle, but instead of a word, you have to create a calculation that is mathematically correct. And for younger children (or those that are slightly more mathematically challenged), there is also a 'mini Nerdle' option in the settings.

The game was envisaged by Richard and Imogen Mann, and their mission is 'to make math(s) more accessible and even a little less scary for everyone' with their games intended to be challenging, fun and also educational. To further this cause, they have set up their Positive Numbers initiative to try and make a positive impact on child numeracy around the world.

Time to get nerdling!

Guess the NERDLE in 6 tries. After each guess, the color of the tiles will change to show how close your guess was to the solution.


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