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Have fun building your own Rube Goldberg Machine

With the start of the Easter holidays we are again singing the praises of all teachers out there. Up until now they have been setting some work for our children, which has been keeping them busy and engaged for most of the time during the week, along with other projects from us.

Now we are in the holidays, we have had to be creative and come up with lots of fun projects to fill the whole of each day.

Today's project was to build a Marble Run-cum-Rube Goldberg Machine to go from the top of the house to the bottom.

Both our kids were extremely excited about this challenge, and it kept them busy from the end of Joe Wick's workout in the morning til lunch, and then from lunch to the end of the afternoon - pretty much the whole day! Bingo!

Whilst the end result is was not as good as some of the amazing, almost professional examples out there, it involved lots of planning, building, working together, discussing friction, weights, angles, lots of fun and much patience and perseverance.

Have a go: you'll be amazed at their creativity.

View these two amazing videos to see the pros at work:

How to Pass the Salt While Maintaining Proper Social Distance

The Most Complicated Trickshot Ever (Rube Goldberg Machine)

And if you have enjoyed this, I thoroughly recommend visiting The MAD Museum (The Mechanical Art & Design Museum) in Stratford upon Avon, UK when we are out of our social distancing measures. Fun for all ages, and a great way to spend an afternoon.


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