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How to make your own stop-go animation

This is another creative project you can have a go at with your children in lockdown - creating a stop-go animation.

1. Create your own characters with modelling clay or Lego.

2. Devise a rough storyboard or narrative for your mini film.

3. Create your set, with the first scene and characters in place. Use iMovies, a stop-go app, or even the time-lapse function on your camera or phone app to take the photos. Move each character or element of your set very slightly, and take the next photo.

4. Edit your film/stitch all the photos together using iMovies or another editing software. Add music or sound effects to bring your film to life...

Our two children (11 and 9) shot this 'spooky' animation together using one of our son's Lego sets, and he was in charge of editing the film (including adding sound effects) using iMovies.


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