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Explore the amazing talent in this year's NPG Portrait Award exhibition online

The National Portrait Gallery's annual Portrait Award exhibition is something I always like to view if I can when I visit London. However, this year circumstances have been slightly different, but you can visit virtually, which has still been a great experience. It gives a chance to explore from your own home with your children too, wherever you are in the world.

To experience the BP Portrait Award 2020 virtually, step into the online gallery space and view the portraits on the wall, read the labels, gain insight from the featured artists, and explore each individual work in more detail.

The competition is open to everyone aged eighteen and over, and it always amazes me just how talented people are at painting the human form. The fact that entries are selected from across the globe makes it all the more interesting.

Night Talk by Jiab Prachakul (from northeast Thailand)  was the overall winner this year.

Every year the BP Portrait Award Visitors’ Choice offers exhibition visitors the opportunity to vote for their favourite portrait in the show. This year 10,539 votes were cast via the online exhibitors page, and the Visitor's Choice winner was Portrait of Fatima by Jamie Coreth.

View the Portrait Award Exhibition for free via the National Portrait Gallery's virtual exhibition.

A delicate portrait of friends interacting in a Berlin bar by a self-taught artist has won the 2020 BP portrait award... Selected from 1,981 entries, representing 69 countries, Prachakul’s portrait was called “an evocative portrait of a fleeting moment in time”, which gives a glimpse into someone else’s life that is “beautiful, mysterious and alive”. The judges also praised its bold composition and clever use of contrasting shapes.


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