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Free teaching resources from Twinkl for lockdown!

Twinkl are providing their Home Learning Hub accessible for free for the whole of January and beyond, with a range of downloadable and online resources supporting the curriculum.

It is broken down by curriculum area/age group, with resources for Early Years, Primary and Secondary school years.

Support for BBC Educational programming

They have also provided companion resources to support the BBC's educational programming. See their daily blogs detailing what the BBC are hosting each day and what Twinkl can offer to support each lesson.

Parent Hub

Twinkl also have a Parent Hub including support and guidance for 'teaching at home' with children at differing Primary age ranges.

Our Twinkl Go! platform is now free to access, for the whole of January. It’s full of interactive games, videos, audiobooks and more. So if you need some online, printing-free activities, to share at home with your kids, it’s easy for you to get started. You don’t need a pin or any upgrades, just log in to start playing.


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