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Hooray for the Beeb! How to access the free BBC educational resources during lockdown

As announced last week, the BBC have put together a very comprehensive collection of resources for children in lockdown across the UK.

Here is a summary:


Learning resources for children of all ages via the BBC Bitesize website.


Primary school pupils: programmes will be on CBBC between 09:00 and 12.00 weekdays. 

Secondary school pupils: programmes will be on BBC Two, between 13:00 and 15:00 weekdays.

  • The Bitesize Daily lessons will also be shown on the Red Button service on TV.
  • All episodes will be available on catch-up, via iPlayer.


For both primary and secondary pupils in Scotland, there will be programmes on BBC Scotland from 10:00, every weekday for about two hours.


For children studying in Welsh, there is bilingual support on the BBC Bitesize website > Go to the "Change language" button and select Welsh language.

Northern Ireland

Pupils in Northern Ireland can go to the BBC Northern Ireland website to find more information to help their studies.

Social Media

For parents and teachers, see the BBC's Facebook and Twitter accounts.

For teenage students, check out the BBC's  Instagram and TikTok platforms.

As a third national lockdown is under way, the BBC is bringing hundreds of educational resources together to help with home-schooling. Whether on TV, online or on social media, we have lots of brilliant content to help you learn at home.


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